Dawngate Patch 26 0

Dawngate Closed Beta Patch 26

A huge patch has arrived in Dawngate, with major changes in items, spells and shapers as well. Also, the new Dawngate Map V2 added in the game. Itempalooza Developer Note: Almost every item in...

Dawngate Patch 24 0

Dawngate Patch 24 (Closed Beta)

Dawngate Patch 24 is now live on Dawngate which features the addition of latest shaper Marah, the Awakened, a new spell called Drain, a paid currency called Waypoints(WP), the first ever Shaper and Ward...

Dawngate Marah 0

New Shaper: Marah, the Awakened Revealed

Marah, the Awakened is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 3rd February 2014. Marah is a melee physical damage bruiser with a commanding presence on the battlefield. Her safe clearing and brutal ganks...

Dawngate Faris 0

New Shaper: Faris, the Ancient Revealed

Faris, the Ancient is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 15th January 2014. Faris is a hybrid Ranged and Melee magical damage assassin that brings a large amount of versatility and damage to...

Dawngate Viyana 0

New Shaper: Viyana, the Purifier Revealed

Viyana, the Purifier is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 11th December 2013. Viyana is a ranged, magical damage support that focuses almost exclusively on healing and sustaining her team. Viyana performs best...

Dawngate-Patch-Notes 0

Dawngate Patch Notes 18 (Closed Beta)

Dawngate Patch 18 came up this week, which features the addition of latest shaper King of the Masks and also several other changes on Shapers (such as Fernmore, Kindra, Mikella, Moya, Salous), items, bindings, on...

dawngate-king-of-the-masks 1

New Shaper: King of Masks Revealed

King of Masks is the new Dawngate Shaper, which announced at 20th November 2013. The King of Masks is a ranged, magical damage control mage that focuses on crowd control, slipperiness and area denial.

Dawngate-Patch-17 0

Dawngate Patch Notes 17 (Closed Beta)

Small patch this week for Dawngate with some tweaks on Mikella, Nissa, Vex and other general fixes and updates. Take a look on the full Patch Note 17. Balance and Tuning Shapers Mikella Collateral...

Dawngate-shaper-rotation-7-11-13 0

Shaper Rotation – Week 7/11/2013

Here’s the Shaper rotation starting of Week 7/11/2013. As a reminder, all Shapers are available for two week rotations, in groups of five. Remember, Shapers can always be earned in game by unlocking them with...