Dawngate Patch 26.1

Dawngate Closed Beta Patch 26.1

by Rapsos13on March 9, 2014
A quite smaller patch has bee added on Dawngate this time. Read bellow the complete Closed Beta Patch 26.1 Notes. Balance and Tuning Shapers General All Shapers now gain 0.5 Movement Speed per point of Haste, up from 0.34. The Respawn time upon dying has been reduced to 15 seconds + (0.5 per level + (1.25 […]
Dawngate Patch 26

Dawngate Closed Beta Patch 26

by Rapsos13on February 28, 2014
A huge patch has arrived in Dawngate, with major changes in items, spells and shapers as well. Also, the new Dawngate Map V2 added in the game. Itempalooza Developer Note: Almost every item in Dawngate has changed in some way, below will be a list of each item sorted by the tree it belongs to. […]

Dawngate Patch 24

Dawngate Patch 24 (Closed Beta)

by Rapsos13on February 5, 2014
Dawngate Patch 24 is now live on Dawngate which features the addition of latest shaper Marah, the Awakened, a new spell called Drain, a paid currency called Waypoints(WP), the first ever Shaper and Ward Skins, dodge penalties and more. Read full Dawngate patch notes 24 bellow! New Shaper Marah, the Awakened Marah is a melee […]
Dawngate Marah

New Shaper: Marah, the Awakened Revealed

by Rapsos13on February 5, 2014
Marah, the Awakened is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 3rd February 2014. Marah is a melee physical damage bruiser with a commanding presence on the battlefield. Her safe clearing and brutal ganks make her a proficient jungler, but her ability to control space makes her remarkably effective in the lane, as well. Her […]

24/7 access for Dawngate

24/7 access to Dawngate for those who are in Closed Beta

by Rapsos13on January 25, 2014
Dawngate will officially open on 24th May 2014, according Community Manager, Zwill. From that date and after, you will be able to play Dawngate on a 24/7 base and you don’t have to wait for the beta windows. Dawngate,though, is in Closed Beta which means that you will still need a beta key to be able to […]
Dawngate Faris

New Shaper: Faris, the Ancient Revealed

by Rapsos13on January 15, 2014
Faris, the Ancient is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 15th January 2014. Faris is a hybrid Ranged and Melee magical damage assassin that brings a large amount of versatility and damage to a team. Faris succeeds in every role in Dawngate, bringing formidable harass and kill potential to the lane or fast clear […]

Dawngate Viyana

New Shaper: Viyana, the Purifier Revealed

by Rapsos13on December 11, 2013
Viyana, the Purifier is the latest shaper for Dawngate, revealed on 11th December 2013. Viyana is a ranged, magical damage support that focuses almost exclusively on healing and sustaining her team. Viyana performs best in a lane role, harassing enemies with a bevy of powerful abilities – being rewarded for skillful offensive play with increased […]

Dawngate Patch Notes 18 (Closed Beta)

by Rapsos13on November 22, 2013
Dawngate Patch 18 came up this week, which features the addition of latest shaper King of the Masks and also several other changes on Shapers (such as Fernmore, Kindra, Mikella, Moya, Salous), items, bindings, on destiny and more. Read everything bellow!


New Shaper: King of Masks Revealed

by Rapsos13on November 20, 2013
King of Masks is the new Dawngate Shaper, which announced at 20th November 2013. The King of Masks is a ranged, magical damage control mage that focuses on crowd control, slipperiness and area denial.

Dawngate Patch Notes 17 (Closed Beta)

by Rapsos13on November 10, 2013
Small patch this week for Dawngate with some tweaks on Mikella, Nissa, Vex and other general fixes and updates. Take a look on the full Patch Note 17. Balance and Tuning Shapers Mikella Collateral (Q) The power ratio on this ability has been reduced to 0.4, down from 0.5. Nissa Branching Blade (Q) The base […]